New beginnings in Bowling park! Free printable activity pack

Autumn is here and the park is changing daily. The leaves are falling, the colours are turning in to a beautiful palate of rusts and gold and there is an undeniable autumn chill in the air. But these aren’t the only changes in the park, the new features that have been funded by Better Place Bradford are thoroughly under way. Work has started around the park and the new elements for play and adventure are taking shape. If you head towards the area known locally as the ‘roughs’ there are beautifully carved woodland creatures to be found. These additions are only the start of all the wonderful new assets coming to our park, we can’t wait for the work to be completed and hear what you all think!
To celebrate the special new creatures in our park here is a free printable activity pack to get your mini adventurers excited about finding them on your next visit.

New Beginnings Free Activity Pack

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